We Are Ready.


Jen Marie Jacober, Human

I love this picture of me and my kids in a box. We spend our lives learning how to live in boxes defined by the humans before us. It starts as early as pre-school and continues into adulthood.  Even as I try to write about who I am and why I started my company I find myself thinking about what is expected by the boxes around me.

I am a dedicated wife and mother of two, a faithful Christian,  a volunteer, an adventure/adrenaline seeker, a continual learner, a type A perfectionist,  and most importantly a human being. My passion is purposefully designing organizations to leverage the power of human beings. Human beings are the key ingredient to handling change and transformation in the ever changing environment. People matter, not the boxes.


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Jen Marie Jacober, President

EverChanges has been alive in my head for years. I purposely picked the name of my company to represent the gifts I have to give to the organizations and human beings around me. The world changes around us every day, more now than ever with the technological advances and increased use of digital in everything we do.  We need to find new ways to work and structure our organizations to leverage the power of human beings and to flex and adapt to the ever changing environment.

There are many traditional “box” reasons you should hire me and my company. I have worked for and advised many organizations (Fortune 500, Government, and small/mid business start-ups) on optimal organizational structures and critical functions to fully enable sales/missions and to achieve optimal performance through effective transformation/change efforts. I am a Peak Performance Mindset trainer and coach – which is the most critical ingredient to harnessing the power of human beings. I design organizations to flow with the ever changing environment by asking as many questions as it takes. This process identifies how to align your organizational structure and to coach the people during the journey to accelerate results. I earned my BS from the University of Virginia, my MBA from the University of Maryland, and hold a certificate from Georgetown University as a Change Management Advanced Practitioner.