Islands of Departments - Is there hope for improved collaboration and connections?


Do you feel like your sales department is on an island?

You can see the other island departments in the distance but have no way to connect and collaborate with them effectively? Each island department has something the other needs but it will take days to swim to each one to retrieve the supplies. A boat comes to your island (your customer) to buy from you but you are all out of supplies. If the boat leaves how will you keep your sales island from falling off the map? Ultimately all islands connect to the ocean floor which means there is hope - departments need to find what will connect them to enable sales to achieve more.

Sales Enablement connects the islands of departments. We need to look underneath the surface and find the collaboration opportunities to take sales to the next level. The goal - Align sales to customers and ensure all department are enabled to provide full support by removing all obstacles to completing the sale. Sales Enablement translates across departments to ensure every function is strategically aligned to exceed customer expectations and makes it possible for sales to "sell".

How do we connect our islands of departments? First we need to look beyond our individual missions and identify what our ocean floor looks like inside the company. The best place to start is with seeking to understand the customer. What do they want? How do we get it to them? How do we improve what we already do? Next we need identify how each department is working with our customers. This is what connects our islands of departments - the customer touchpoints. What's working well? What needs improvement? Now how do we improve the connections between sales and the other departments? How do we make sure we are constantly realigning our departments back to the customer? 

To build the connections between departments and improve collaboration with sales we need to look outside our chain of islands and current departmental structure to see what could be.  Embedding Sales Enablement in your organization will realign sales with the customer and increase connections between all departments.

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Jason Luber