Explore how to re-imagine change in your organization through purposeful design and alignment



initial conVERSATIONS

Conversations are critical to determining if EverChanges is a fit for your organizational needs.  We will have as many conversations as needed to make a joint decision about how we will work together. Clarity on expectations is key to mapping our next steps in the journey.


alignment assessment

We offer many paths to complete our journey. Assessing the alignment of your organization is a good first step. We have conversations with people in the organization and bring the results into a 1-2 day workshop event. The workshop focuses on identifying where the organization needs better alignment and building a vision together to remodel.



Coaching is key throughout a change. Perhaps you are already in the process of implementing a change but it is not aligned with your strategy or the project is running into issues. We work closely with you to identify how alignment will help ensure the change succeeds. 

acceleration design

Another path to complete our journey is designing an acceleration plan. This works best when  there is already a vision for change or transformation in place. The timing of this process varies based on the alignment needs and the size of the organization.


Alignment implementation

The final path in our journey is alignment implementation. The timing of this  varies based on the alignment needs and the size of the organization.  By the end of this step your organization will be remodeled to manage the ever changing environment.


Peak Performance Mindset Training

We leverage the Peak Performance Mindset training and coaching techniques to help the human beings in your organization opt in or out to accelerate and align to the ever changing environment. We recommend incorporating this as part of the Alignment Implementation.